Hearthstone Enters Open Beta + Resources for Beginners

Blizzard’s addictive digital card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, is finally available to everyone as the game enters open beta. After the lengthy period in closed beta, Blizzard has announced that Hearthstone is now in open beta for players in North America, Australia, and Europe with more regions slowly entering open beta as well. The developer behind the company had the following to say regarding the matter:

We are still very much in the testing phase as we prepare for the official launch.

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Hearthstone Featured Deck: The Control Druid

For a while, the druid was not really a viable class to play due to the meta and the class’s reliance on high mana cost cards. That being said, with the shift in the meta and the cards available for the class, playing a Druid has quickly become one of the strongest, most well-rounded classes to play. Due to their hero power and class-specific cards, the most effective way to currently play a Druid is to play a control-oriented deck. One thing to keep in mind is that the deck is extremely expensive and substituting some of the cards isn’t as easy as other decks. This is for players who have a larger collection and are looking to explore more in-depth and involved decks to play when it comes to winning.  Continue reading

Hearthstone Featured Deck: The Ice Block Mage Rush

The mage rush down is always a fun deck to play and quite a bit of Hearthstone players have hit the legendary rank with it. Although some cards in the deck vary depending on your personal play-style, the core of the deck remains focused and effective in many cases (not all). Furthermore, since Hunters aren’t that popular right now, one of your hardest counters is one you won’t run into very often (if at all). Continue reading

Hearthstone Featured Deck: The Molten Giant OTK Warrior

Many people have labeled the hunter and the warrior as the weaker classes this patch but that isn’t turning out to be the case at all. After cycling through some older deck ideas and brainstorming new ones, a hearthstone player by the name of Razor created a warrior deck which will leave many people flipping tables. The deck takes advantage of several different combos that use a variety of different cards. Continue reading

Hearthstone Featured Deck: The Turn 7 Hunter

With the popularity of aggro decks increasing post Mage freeze nerfs, the best way to help counter what is trending is to create a deck that can control the aggression or alternatively, punish it. With many aggro decks being based around the Warlock class, choosing to create a deck based around the less popular Hunter class is an excellent choice. Playing this deck has been refreshing and fun along with being quite successful in quick wins against what the majority of people are playing. Continue reading

Hearthstone Featured Deck: The Warlock Murloc Aggro!

This past week an increasingly popular trend has been running aggro decks since the freeze on Mages was nerfed. There is no better class to play for an aggressive deck than playing a Warlock due to their Hero Power which allows you to draw cards. After doing a lot of research and messing around with decks myself, below is a deck list that has brought me much success and caused my opponents a ton of frustration. Continue reading